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1 [06 Dec 2011|10:35pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | "King" - O.A.R. ]

So, another new journal! Hopefully I can remember to keep up with it. I needed a new change from what I was around.

Have you ever felt like you needed to assume a new identity? After the happenings of the past year or so, I think I needed it. I'm happier now!

I have a new friend too, so I suppose I should write a little about myself before I get into my day today:

I'm twenty-five and I live in Orlando, Florida. I go to college and am currently unemployed, but am looking for work. I'm studying to become a history teacher, with a degree in social studies. My dream job is to be a museum curator. It's a dream because I know that job isn't very attainable! I don't have many friends. I mostly hang out with my boyfriend Chris and his friends, or my friend David and his boyfriend Daniel. Sometimes I get to hang out with my friend Xia and her boyfriend Nick, people I've known since middle school. Xia's my only real female friend left. I got rid of the rest in a big huge fight a few months ago that I will go into another time.

I used to play WoW really seriously, but now it's just nothing to me. I'm only playing to gear up characters so I can sell the account. No one in my guild speaks to me anymore since I quit raiding, which told me a lot about the friendship I had with them to start with--I knew them for five years--and was a big wakeup call. I'm glad I don't speak to them, there are many mean things I could say about them but I'm better than that.

Now, onto my day!

I have been plagued with a bad headache for the past couple weeks, and only in the last day or two did I discover its source(by total accident, mind you). I have a wisdom tooth coming in on the top left side, and it's swelling and pressing on my sinuses, which are swelling as well. The swelling of my sinuses is putting pressure on my whole head, and the pain from my tooth is also radiating into my neck. I discovered it by pressing on my jaw once by resting my cheekbone on my fist while reading, and the pain lessened. I'm glad to have discovered its source but I just want it to be over. I need this stupid tooth out. I can't keep chucking ibuprofen down my throat every few hours ...

The good news is I have a good grade in my math class! I'm excited to be passing a math class finally, and I'm hoping to get a good grade on my final exams for it. French has me a little worried, but I think I can pull through. I just need to press extra hard with it. My teacher is really nice, but she can't teach very well. I don't know how anyone's learned anything this semester. Although today she did bring us baguettes, goat cheese, grapes, and Godiva chocolates.

Oh lord, Chris just sent me a link about a lady dying from a brain-eating amoeba. THIS DOES NOT HELP MY SANITY RIGHT NOW :( Although I know for a fact that it's my tooth causing me this problem (the headache radiates on that side of my head from that point) I still panic over dumb stuff like this. >8( !!!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a job recruiter ... Let's hope it results in something.

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