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7 [18 Dec 2011|10:48pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | "Shape of My Heart" - Backstreet Boys ]

I've been doing some number crunching since my last entry, and I realized that with this job plus my student aid, I can afford to move out of my mom's house in like three months. But, I will have to have a roommate. No way around that.

I want to ask Chris to move into a place with me, but I'm not sure when to ask him. I'm thinking I should do it when I make purchase of a car, it'll be better then. He'll know I'm serious then. I know he hates his current apartment and has often mentioned me moving out of my mom's place, so I thought he would be the first I'd ask.

This job was the best Christmas present ever. I seriously cannot wait to get my car and move the fuck out of this pit of nothing.

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