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9 [21 Dec 2011|09:44pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

It's been pretty crazy the last couple days.

I went back on my birth control and it's made me pretty sleepy, but I'm trying to rough through it to make this new job work for me.

I've made a decent amount in commissions so far, but I think that the system it works should be redone. You have to enter the commissions in yourself to the site, but I think the cash register should do it for you. We don't really get downtime (especially this time of year) so it's tough to remember to do during the day.

I stayed the night at Chris' place last night, since I had to be at work at 9 and I didn't want to get up at 6 am. I went over there and slept after we cuddled and watched new episodes of The League, and the new Hobbit trailer. I'M SO EXCITED! He's never read it, but I've read it cover to cover many times. He needs to read it >:O

So, I met just about everyone I work with by now, and they're all pretty nice folk. I'm one of two women in the store, the other is a girl named Joann, she's been teaching me everything. I also work with a guy named Bernie, and he's a hell of a character. He's quite obviously Italian-American, an older gentleman, has a thick New York Italian accent, and he loves to joke and talk all day long. Then there's Mike, he's a nice older gentleman, and John is the wine consultant, an older gentleman as well. He's really quiet and doesn't talk much. Jordan is the assistant manager, and can't be too much older than me. He's pretty nice. Garrett is a supervisor I think, and he's nice. He's a softspoken guy and I think he's younger than I am. Dave is the regional manager and his office is in our store, he showed me the ropes and always offers me coffee from Starbucks, but I don't drink coffee. Plus I get tea for free when Chris is working! :P Lastly there's Julio, the store manager, and holy crap he makes me laugh. He's got an extremely thick Mexican accent and is always hollering across the store for Jordan, except he seems to think there's more than one of him. So all day long I get to hear "JORDANS!!!" with the "y"-sounding "J". I giggle every single time, and he's a really nice guy.

So far this job is pretty good. Our clientele are rich folk, and today we actually got a hand-delivered bottle of Louis XIII de Remy Martin, which is an extremely expensive bottle of cognac. I took a picture of the box, but this is the Wikipedia article about it. It was NOT shipped, it was delivered by the Remy Martin company that makes it, and it was waiting to be picked up by someone. Apparently it averages out to $250 an ounce ... I was like WUT. It's really pretty though. It was sold for about $2,000, but I imagine that it's been sold for more than that. Picture here is for proof! (warning this picture is fucking giant)

So ... that's fun stuff.

I also had a really epic journey trying to get my savings bonds cashed. Now, the situation is I need gas money, and the fuel light is on. The bank closes in two hours. It's rush hour.

I run down to Suntrust and am like, "CASH MY BONDS". They tell me they can only do five instead of the eleven I have, because of the time of day. I frown and am like, "FINE" and hand them the five I want cashed. They attempt to do it and then make a phone call, and then tell me their system is down and there's nothing they can do about it. Excuse me? I NEED this money, and again she says there's nothing she can do. I leave in a huff and go back to the truck ... and then I get an idea.

All you need to cash bonds are your ID and an account with the bank doing it for you. I have ten minutes before Chase bank closes ... I call them and explain my situation, and they stay open an extra 20 minutes just for me to get ALL my bonds cashed and open an account, PLUS help me get my direct deposit for my job! Holy shit I am done banking with Suntrust. Fuck them.

I took my brother to Five Guys, and if you've never eaten there you need to do it once in your lifetime. Their burgers are abso-fucking-lutely amazing, and their fries are awesome as well. All other burgers are just sad to me after eating one of those. I got the cheeseburger with onions, mustard, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and green peppers!

I went to Target and got cat food, new pants, socks, deodorant, some snacks to take to work, tea, a bra, a new sponge pouf to take to Chris' (I'm thinking I should just leave the damn thing there at this point), and ... I thought I got more but nah.

I come home finally, and am watching more Breaking Bad and waiting for Chris to finish fixing his co-worker's computer so we can play some minecraft!

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