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10 [25 Dec 2011|06:31pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Merry Christmas and all that to you guys. I'm really glad I have this journal and am making new friends here.

It's been decided that I'm really liked at my new job, and it was even admitted to me that they liked me more than the guy they hired about 2 months ago. I was told I had very good work ethic and that I was good with the customers! Really glad to know I've been accepted into "family" :)

Saturday was busy busy busy! Spent most of the day at the register. I'm much better at it than I thought I was ... We also got free lunch courtesy of Julio from 4 Rivers, which has the best damn chicken salad I've ever had! And I got my mom a bottle of cake-flavored vodka, and my cousin a bottle of Jameson. I usually hate whiskey, but Jameson Irish Whiskey is amazing. GO GET IT. And I had gin for the first time ... that is the most bizarre thing I've ever drank. It tastes like ... like ... like sausage. O_o Like a spicy savory meat. It's so fucking weird.

I got 110 dollars from my aunt and my grandparents, and I got a pretty makeup set that my cousin got for me. I got to test the colors out on her and on Tuesday I am going to be heading out to get some makeup brushes. I only have one and it's on its last leg.

I ate dinner that my mom cooked, the turkey was amazing. I love brussels sprouts.

Oh! I almost forgot! On Friday Chris took me to Buca di Beppo for my birthday lunch before work, and we exchanged presents. I got him this beautiful Doctor Who clock from Etsy, and believe me, the pictures on the page don't do it justice. He loved it, and said he knew people that would kill to have that thing. I also got him this shirt from Teefury with Mario dressed as The Doctor and Boos as Weeping Angels, which he instantly put on to wear! He got me the game Sour Apples to Apples ... and the present he's been so secretive about too. But, it requires some explaining.

There was a night we were really stoned and watching Regular Show, snuggled up under a blanket together and I had noticed that all the pictures in the house in the show were of Pops. I made a comment saying "I would totally have a picture of Pops in my house", and he goes "that would be AWESOME"

and so I have this in my room now (it's the picture on the wall in the background, I just spent like an hour looking for anything that included it and this was the best I could find)

I have a stupendous headache from my sinuses, so I'm gonna lay down and try to cool off. It's like 80 degrees. Fuck you Florida >:(

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