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12 [24 Jan 2012|08:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" - They Might Be Giants ]

I think it's time to make a nice long post!

God, where'd I leave off? I guess Chris and I were fighting and we'd just come back from seeing David and Daniel. We hadn't seen them since then until this past weekend.

So let's see now ... work? Work's been alright. I'm learning more and more about what I sell, and I made 50 dollars in commission this week. I'm hiding it from my mom though, or she'll demand more money out of me. I'm trying so hard to save up to get out of here, but she wants 75 a week from me. I put 60 in gas in my brother's truck every week, and I only make about 230 a week :/ That's over half my paycheck ... I also have to buy my own fucking food because even though my mom claims it's for groceries, she buys like, stupid shit. Like vienna sausages and disgusting salted shit, and meat on sale only to throw it in the freezer and never use it. I HATE the way my mom shops, and she will not shop anywhere except Wal Mart. Everything is always "buy it at wal mart" >_< I used to work there, I know how shitty everything is. NO THANK YOU

We got a new guy at work (my boss fired Garrett for always being on the phone) who is really nice, but doesn't know much about booze.

Surprisingly, since that last big fight, Chris and I haven't fought once. We've had disagreements, but no fights really. I think we found a new way to channel that aggression ... we make fun of each other. Sometimes it does get out of hand (I told him he was a turd at the mall and he got mad saying that I yelled it when I didn't) but we're usually okay. I think I've finally learned to be comfortable with him, and we've had more fun now than we have had in a while. At the beginning of February we're going to see They Might Be Giants and Jonathan Coulton in concert, and we're going to do MegaCon towards the middle of it.

We had dinner at David and Daniel's, and brought cheesecake with dulce de leche on it for dessert. We played Zombie Fluxx, Phase 10, and went to the liquor store and picked out some stuff to drink later. Chris and Daniel were making fun of me about that blog post I wrote, and I got really quiet because I'm a bad sport and I don't like being made fun of. Finally Chris was like, "are you okay? are you gonna cry? are you crying?" Because HE ALWAYS ASKS ME THAT >:( Finally he comes up and gives me a big hug in the liquor store and on the inside, I'm like "EEEE HE'S HUGGING ME IN PUBLIC SO CUTE" and my brain decides to tell my mouth to say, "I don't want your hugs >:(" but he kept hugging me. I picked out some liquor for us to drink--I got Cupcake vodka (the brand, but I got original and the frosting flavor), 99 Bananas, and a small bottle of peach-flavored Ciroc. We have a bottle of Jagermeister back in his freezer, a bottle of Captain Morgan, some Jim Beam Red Stag, some Guinness and PBR in the fridge ... we're booze-a-holics @_@

He apologized for teasing me too much though, and I told him it was okay. I didn't stay mad at him for too long, and when we got home we watched Boardwalk Empire and tried out all our stash. Peach Ciroc? Tastes like you're drinking fucking peach juice, I shit you not. No burn at all with that, didn't need a chaser ... nothing. Expensive vodka, but it's sooooo good. Holy shit I want more of that >:O 99 Bananas is his thing, it's too sweet for me. Tastes like those banana-shaped Runts candies, and I think that's yucky >:O

I went shopping earlier in the week to buy new underwear ... I really should learn underwear terminology before I buy things. I ended up buying a set of thongs instead of bikini cut underwear T_T At least he liked them :P And the new nightgown too.

I'm cleaning out my room right now, but I chose to take a break and write here because a) I'm not dead and b) I wanted to write this stuff down before I forgot. Yay substance, yay things being better, yay money, yay nerd music!

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