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14 [30 Jan 2012|09:35pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

This weekend was pretty aweosme! Pardon me for my bad typing, I got a six pack of guinness and IT IS TIME TO DANCE

We went to an irish pub on saturday because shipyard emporium was too crowded ... NOWHERE TO PARK so we went to my work and got some irish cream liqueur and drank the shit out of it when we got back

then we went home and watched TV and i don't remember hwat we ate but i'm sure it was yummy

sunday we had to go WORK but he was being a cuddle butt and i gave him the tickets for the concert on the 8th and so we went to work and came back and he cooked dinner for me A FIRST and we watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and then played vidoe gamres till 2 am then it was bedtime and lots o snuggles and thne some commenced until he said "IT'S TOO HOT TO CUDDLE IM SORRY" but i got to be a jetpack so long as i didn't go VROOM

he called me after work to say hello and i went back to his place to getm y earrings and leave him a four pack of 2hite russians and i got supper with my brother and tomorrow i work at 3 and wednesdat i work at some other store I WILL BE LONELY I KNOW NO ONE THERE OR EVEN WHERE ITI S

time for cartoosn

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